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One thing we learned during Covid was how much we could do with little. I had pro fighters scattered all over the world that could not get back here to train with me but still needed to stay in shape so they could fight once restrictions were lifted. I'll admit that it took a little getting used to but the live virtual training became an invaluable tool for us to keep working together. Now it's more of a convenience than a necessity - for both the client and myself. I can work directly with you, in real time, without leaving my office. You get the benefit of the live work while saving on the cost of private training. I'm able to make the same accommodations and adjustments to your routines based on what equipment and space you have available. You could be in a huge gym, in your garage or even at a local park. We'll use what we have access to. These programs are still sold as 10 session packages. The cost for 10 virtual training sessions is $650




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