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Muddy Watters Trail Series

If you're looking for blow up walls, bubbles and beer tents, this is not your event. I've been hosting trail based events for masochistic trail running purest since 2004. My events are small, capped at 150 racers. They are HARD... brutal courses through and over two tracks, open trails, rivers, stairs, hills, old and overgrown forest paths and other sometimes hard to follow routes. That's the point - it's not supposed to be easy. You'll feel beat down, broken and used up at the end. You'll also know that you just finished one of the toughest short course trail runs in the Midwest. We keep costs and race fees low. We're able to do this through the support of our amazing and always local sponsors. Please support those that support us. Without them, your race fees would hurt much more than your legs will - check them out on the sponsors page

Muddy Watters #2 - Hills & Drills

It will be hard, you will get wet... this is not a run with a blow up wall at the end. Total distance of this event will be roughly 4 miles depending on route choices (follow the flags!). We'll pre run the course (most of it) on the Wednesday prior to race day. Anyone registered is encouraged to be there. This will be a return to the traditional route. I will cover as much of what my "veterans" are familiar with. As always, there's going to be some funky stuff sprinkled in - though you won't know what until much closer to race day. Find the Moosejaw flags in the river, carry an egg, rock scissors paper, find your bib number buried in the dirt, find the big rock in the river (intentionally or not), slam a slider in between hill runs and try not to puke. Fun stuff yeah? More information coming soon. NO WATER! Ok, that being said, the rest will still suck. Muddy Watters #2 will have lots of hills, lots of switchbacks, lots of bushwhacking, lots of hills - sorry, said that already. Plan on 4 miles of "sucks". Tough course that everyone will fall in love with. If not, that's cool too. On a long enough timeline, everyone's survival rate drops to 0 anyway. 



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