OPEN SESSIONS - Private/Semi Private Training

Open session times are listed on the training schedule page. For open sessions, you may be training solo or with up to 2 others, depending on who signs up for what times. Individual training goals are still addressed, you'll just be sharing time. Sessions last for 1 hour. Sign up will be on Sunday.

400 - 10 sessions


With private training, you'll be the only person training at the session. Sessions are 1 hour and you're not limited to listed times on the training schedule

800 - 10 sessions

*Training program is comprised of 10 session blocks unless you've contacted me directly for an alternative arrangement. To secure your spot, payment is required in advance before your first session of each renewal period.
To reschedule a session, 24 hour cancellation is required for both open and private training sessions.  "No shows"  and last minute cancellations will count towards one of your prepaid sessions. 248 320 5705 or

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