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"Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident. Sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it's a choice"

Voted "One of America's top trainers" by Vogue Magazine, professional fighter, sponsored mountain biker/adventure racer/endurance athlete, Jeff Watters  brings an impressive arsenal of skills to his current role as an elite sports trainer & coach. 

After his own fighting career got cut short due to injuries,  Watters  turned his passion  for the sport into training and coaching, offering a powerful skill set few can rival.  A registered USA boxing coach,  Watters has become the favorite strength & conditioning coach for a number of top internationally ranked fighters from the world famous KRONK Gym in Detroit. Partnering with Kronk and Salita Promotions as they groom a new batch of young boxing stars for high ticket fights on Showtime Boxing,  Watters provides training camps, and strength and conditioning coaching with stunning results. Fighters from USA, Russia, Chechnya, Armenia, and Uzbekistan now request him by name as part of their Elite training team.  Players from the NHL,  NFL, NBA, and MLB have also requested to work with Jeff as a boxing / strength and conditioning coach to complement their various training programs.  MMA fighters  have  followed suit, hiring Watters as a striking coach to give them an extra edge in the ring. 

Watters is one of the first members of the Brooks ID (inspire daily) and PACE (performance and coaching elite) programs, as well as a founder and official coach for the Priority Health Endurance Racing Teams of Southeast Michigan.  He is  a freelance writer and regular expert contributor for National Fitness Magazine Publications such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness and Trail Runner. Whether training Pro Athletes,  mentoring young fighters, being a husband, or fathering his 3  children,  Watters continues to challenge everyone around him to become the best version of themselves.  As a heart patient with cardiomyopathy, He knows what it’s like to overcome great odds and win. It is this resilience and determination that fuel his coaching and his life as he inspires athletes and those around him to give their best. Nothing less

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