* I'm waving the $70 monthly subscription fee and giving everyone access to my subscription training at no cost for the immediate future. If you feel so inclined, I'd ask for a small donation of $5. Your $5 will go towards helping to sustain the Detroit youth (or the inner city youth where you live) who rely on the school lunch program for 2 daily meals. With the schools shut down, they're losing that. As everyone on here is an athlete, you understand the importance of these kids getting their basic nutritional needs met. Most of the kids in these school lunch programs will struggle to get proper meals on a consistent basis during the shutdown. We're trying to make a difference by helping these kids that need it most. So lets knock out two birds with one stone - train our asses off like there's no tomorrow, and make sure no kids go to bed with an empty stomach. Contact me directly for more information on how you can help. To subscribe, just shoot me your email. You'll start getting updates and passwords a few times each week. Send me an email or call/text to be added to the list




I post 3-5 training sessions every week to my blog, jeffwatters.wordpress.com. These are sessions that I personally design. These routines vary from straight strength work, strict conditioning to a hybrid of the two. The consistent theme is the challenge it'll be to complete them. These are not personalized routines. They're tough, very tough, with a strong athletic component to them. Most of these routines will be designed to be done with little to no equipment. Though athletes will benefit from them tremendously, they're routines that anyone willing to do them will benefit from as well. With a subscription to these sessions, you'll have access to the backlog of over 250 routines previously published and personally created by me. Whenever a new routine is published privately to the blog, 3-5 x weekly, I'll email you directly with the password needed to access the routine

- 70 per month (first 2 months paid in advance)

- 30 day notice should you decide to discontinue your subscription

- 3-5 sessions posted per week (password accessible only)

- notification, via email, of newly published routine within 30 minutes of posting





I've trained over 100 people via online and correspondence training. Many of these people are past clients but most are people I've never even met face to face. Participants consist of professional athletes, weekend warriors and those just looking to get into better shape. The benefits of correspondence work are many, as long as you've got the discipline to follow the program. You can fit the sessions in when it's most conducive to your schedule and you get the best training available for much less than you'd pay in person. For correspondence work, we'll have an interview on the phone to assess what your goals are and how many days of training those goals will require each week. From there I'll design your program, week by week. Your program will be based on what you have available. In other words, I like to use outdoor training when possible and even routines that can easily be done at home or on the road. If you prefer the gym then we'll obviously use it. We'll have weekly follow up conversation so that I can get feedback and make any adjustments for the following week. This is highly goal oriented and very hands on. I'll be available every day until 8 pm eastern standard time for questions or anything else pertaining to your programming. Details are as follows...

- 170 per month (first 2 months paid in advance)

- 30 day notice should you decide to discontinue the program

- at least 1 weekly check in to assess where you're at, answer any questions and make any necessary changes

- you'll be given 1 weeks worth of programming at a time

- I'll be available at any time before 8 pm eastern standard time, Monday through Saturday, and on any day you have a training related event

- 3-6 days of training per week, will vary depending on what we're trying to accomplish and where we're at in the training cycle


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