We started the Muddy Watters Trail Series back in 2004 while leading a group
through one of my Motor City Bootcamp sessions out at Bloomer Park. While waiting
in line to climb down the storm drain, it occurred to me, how awesome would it be to
have this set up to a race format? This was long before any of the "mud runs" came
around. So the thought of offering something to a small group of people, something
that NOBODY else was doing, was very attractive to me. So we did. Ever since then,
we've kept our format the same - unique courses set up to challenge everyone.
Something that's harder than anything else you'll do but that anyone willing to work
can finish. We keep the events small, usually capping them at no more than 250
participants. Our goal isn't to push 10,000 people through the course over the course
of the weekend. All of our sponsors are local. We either know or use every single one
of them. My Dad usually cooks for the races and is typically far more popular than am
I. We'll even offer some of his race recipes on the race page sometimes. A portion of
our race proceeds will benefit a local cause. This year, that cause is Crossroads for
Youth. Not sure what it is? Check it out by clicking on the link. We believe in offering
quality, unique events that support local businesses and raise funds for local
causes. If you're looking for a blow up wall and a beer tent, you're in the wrong place.
The wall you'll be climbing will look like an old railroad trestle that's collapsed into
the Clinton River. Because that's what it is. You'll run stairs, sledding hills, bridge
jump, storm drain descents, swamp crossings, float down the river, run back against
the current...  Or something like that.

The goal isn't to win, it's to finish. Not sure how to prep for our events? As soon as
you sign up for a race, you're welcome to attend Motor City Bootcamp once a week at
no cost. Why that's advisable? Did you read above? The event is basically one long
MCB session.

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Muddy Watters News
All events, unless specified otherwise,
will take place at Bloomer Park in
Rochester Hills, MI. Those not taking
place at Bloomer will be hosted no
more than 30 minutes from Detroit.
Locations will be posted as soon as we
can finalize them with the parks.
Muddy Watters Trail Series 2014
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Please take a moment to view our
2014 season sponsors.  Support our
sponsors if you like our events.
Without them, we wouldn't be here.
While you're at, please spend some
time learning about
Crossroads for
Youth. It's a place/program that we
believe very strongly in and a portion
of all race proceeds will go to benefit
them and their work. The Muddy
Watters Fat Tire / Fat Lip Duathlon will
take place there.

Diamonds & Dirt Women's Adventure
Run 6/29

 Muddy Watters #1 6/14

 Muddy Watters #2 7/12

 Muddy Watters Relay 8/9

Muddy Watters Big One (halfish
marathon) 8/9

 Fall Cider Slam 11/1